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CARE Dog Rescue rehomes around 125 dogs a year.  Having no kennels is great for the dogs but expensive for CARE.  The foster moms do a fantastic job but need expenses paid like food, toys, vaccines, medicines and so on.  Some of the dogs need major veterinary treatment for injuries or sickness.  We try to neuter all the dogs but just cannot afford the cost so we can only neuter the dogs most likely to benefit from the surgery.

Every now and then a dog comes along who are very special cases and require extra resources in both human and financial terms.  If you would like to help CARE with these dogs, please make a donation today.  All donations go to pay for food, vets bills and other direct expenses  of  the dogs. Everyone is a volunteer and no wages are paid. 

You can contact us on 01493 653955 to send a donation or can set up a Direct Debit, please phone us for details.  You may also donate directly to our veterinary account below.  We incur around 4000 to 5000 in vets bills each year and we desperately need the financial support, please help.

CARE Dog Rescue account at:

The Veterinary Hospital

221 Beccles Rd


NR31 8BZ

01493 661 833


If you would like to donate anything from the list below please contact CARE Dog Rescue on 01493 653955.

Food,  Leads,  Collars,  Large towels, Bedding (old blankets & single duvets are ideal),  Cages or Crates,  dog food (tinned or complete food, not mixer), No pillows or cushions please.

  Please help where and when you can, we thank you and the dogs really appreciate your generosity.


A big thank you to H C Neill for her very recent generous donation!!

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