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CARE Dog Rescue have new dogs coming in daily.  There are all types, shapes and looks.  We do not get many small dogs, but from time to time small dogs do come along.  So you never know,  your ideal companion may be with us now and looking for a home.

We rehome most of the unclaimed stray dogs  in this area.  We only have a limited time to find a home for these dogs or they may be euthanized by the local authorities.  Therefore if you are even slightly interested in one of these dogs please call us as soon as possible, it just might save a life!

Please phone CARE Dog Rescue on  01493 653955 to discuss the type of dog you want, so that  we can do our best  to match the right dog to you and your family.

CARE rehomed 138 dogs in 2009!

Care rehomed 151 dogs in 2010

Care rehomed 162 dogs in 2011

Care rehomed 131 dogs in 2012

CARE rehomed 192 dogs in 2013

CARE rehomed 119 dogs in 2014

CARE rehomed 97 dogs in 2015

CARE desperately need foster homes, please call if you can foster a dog for a while.


Dogs in need of a good home as of

5 May 2016

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Mary - Female (Neutered), Retriever cross, 1 years old, Vaccinated, Chipped, Friendly to other dogs, Friendly to people, Lovely girl, Arrived in the UK on 10 March from Spain with full Pet Passport,  Looking for her forever home.   This young and beautiful girl has been languishing in a Spanish shelter,  She is friendly, and will make a great loyal pet, She will take to anyone who treats her kindly, She knows sit, bed, and fair recall, Very nice dog.

We rehomed Mary a few weeks ago but the family have had to very reluctantly return Mary due to sudden medical problems.  She is now in a foster home with older children and a male Lurcher and doing well.


pictures on the way

Alfie - YokiePoo, Male, 5 1/2 years, Black and Tan, Vaccinated when a pup but has not received yearly booster, Ok with dogs, Love children of all ages, Loves cuddles and being on your lap, clean indoors,   A very nice boy, A great pet!

Lady who has him  works full time  and Alfie is fretting being left alone for too long. 

Alfie - Ridgeback x, Male,  8 months old, Vaccinated, Walks nicely on a lead/harness, Clean indoors, Currently lives with two young children aged 3 and 4, Alfie is very loving and playful, He is loyal and with the right home he will be a great companion.


He lives with another dog and has mixed well with my 3 (b-collie, spaniel and greyhound) he shows frustration when he see them in desperation to say hello. He is very good at listening to other dogs when they tell him to back off. 


Alfie suffers with fear aggression to people, probably due to lack of socialisation, he has snapped in self defence, but never bitten or caused harm. He needs positive training to teach people the world isn't a dangerous place,    He is very food motivated and once given a treat and space to come around he becomes very friendly with people very quickly. He needs to live in a quite home with adults and could also live with  older teenagers. 



CARE do not have this dog, we are advertising him for the owner and Behaviourist who are working with him so please phone Nicola directly as she will be making all decisions regarding Alfie.  Alfie is located near Peterborough.    CARE accept no responsibility for Alfie now or in the future.


Please contact Nicola on 07972088246

Email   -

Luna - Chinese Crested Powder-puff, Female, 18 months old, Chipped, Vaccinated,  OK with dogs,  Although she is good with people and children, she takes a while to get use to strangers, she will bark and keep her distance but within a day will be your best friend. We know that the home she came from was in conflict, the lady wanted to keep her but the man did not like her, so we think she must have been scared very badly.  Once she trusts, she is very loving and loyal.  She does not bite, just scared & barks,  So a special home is needed with understanding and patient people, Luna is in a foster home and is friendly and affectionate with all adults and teens,  May not be ideal with young / loud children!

Misty - "Hurcher" (Husky dad / Lurcher mom), Female (Neutered), 16 Months, Vaccinated, Chipped,  Good with children, Good with dogs, Lives and plays with 2 cats, Would not be good with rabbits or small animal pets, Very gently girl with some energy.  May make a good agility dog,  Sensitive nature, Not a barker, Intelligent and biddable.

A family pet that must reluctantly be rehomed due to family breakdown.


Note:  The last 4 pictures were from Jan 15 when we originally rehomed her, she has been a family pet since that time.  Please phone for more info.

Maisie - Belgium Shepherd, Female, Age 9 months, Chipped, Vaccinated but no card as yet, due 11 Sep 16, OK with dogs, Never been around children, Very loving , Knows sit, stay and recall, Loves playing with a ball, Dislikes cats and birds.  A litte shy in the kennel as she was a pet so not use to kennel life, Looking for a kind, loving home, nice girl, very affectionate when she trust which doesn't take long. 

Owner rehoming due to landlord changing his mind and not allowing dogs.

Betty - Rescue from Romania, ~Small, Female (Neutered), about 4 years old, Vaccinated, Chipped, Loves cuddles, OK with dogs.

Eric - Rescue from Romania, Male (Neutered) , about 8 years old,  Vaccinated, Chipped, Had boiling coffee poured over him (lower picture) so a bit scared until he knows he can trust you, OK with dogs and cats, Fur now growing back.

China - Podenco pup, 5 months old, Chipped and Vaccinated, She is Amy and Ava's sister (see below), Born Sep 15, 2015, Rescued from kill station with her sisters, can you help her, she is lovely;

Chula - Mixed breed, Female (Neutered), Chipped and Vaccinated,  Really lovely girl, rescued from kill station in 2011 and has been waiting for a home ever since, She is about 50cm (20inches) at the shoulder, Friendly with all other dogs, not keen on cats,

Pia - Mixed breed, Female (Neutered), 1 to 2 years old, Lovely small scruff, Very gentle and affectionate.

Milo - Male (Neutered). He is smallish,  About 2 years, Very affectionate and friendly, Can you be his forever friend?

Twinkle Lurcher (whippet collie greyhound saluki cross), Female, 5 years old, Very friendly, a bit excitable, Loves people and cuddles and a comfortable home life, she has never been left alone, Enjoys the run of the house and sleeps on the sofa or bed, Does not like cats or small children, OK off lead when she knows and trust you.

Very reluctant rehoming a much loved family pet due to a disagreement with another dog in the house and a dislike of our 18 month old son!!

Boogle-   Lurcher, Female, 5 years old, Medium size, Very friendly a bit excitable at times, Loves lots of attention and cuddles and a comfortable home life, always had the run of the house, sleeping on sofas and beds, never been left alone and loves company!! No cats or young children. An absolute dream on and off the lead but must be with someone she trusts!!

Very reluctant rehoming due to a change of family circumstances!


If you don't see a dog you like on our web site please click on the link below to view the lost dogs currently with the Animal Warden Services in West Norfolk.  If you are interested in any dogs on this site then please phone Daphne 01493 653955 to discuss. 

For info on any of the dogs ABOVE please phone Daphne on 01493 653955



A big THANK YOU to those of you who have given a good home to rescue dogs in the past. 


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