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CARE Dog Rescue have new dogs coming in daily.  There are all types, shapes and looks.  We do not get many small dogs, but from time to time small dogs do come along.  So you never know,  your ideal companion may be with us now and looking for a home.

We rehome most of the unclaimed stray dogs  in this area.  We only have a limited time to find a home for these dogs or they may be euthanized by the local authorities.  Therefore if you are even slightly interested in one of these dogs please call us as soon as possible, it just might save a life!

Please phone CARE Dog Rescue on  01493 653955 to discuss the type of dog you want, so that  we can do our best  to match the right dog to you and your family.

CARE rehomed 138 dogs in 2009!

Care rehomed 151 dogs in 2010

Care rehomed 162 dogs in 2011

Care rehomed 131 dogs in 2012

CARE rehomed 192 dogs in 2013

CARE rehomed 119 dogs in 2014

CARE desperately need foster homes, please call if you can foster a dog for a while.


Dogs in need of a good home as of 27 Mar  20153



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Bruno (Stray) - Mixed Breed, Male, Estimated less than 1 year, Very sweet and friendly, a nice dog.

Jingo (Stray) - Mastiff type, Male, Estimated 4 to 5 years, Very nice, Very friendly and soppy to visitors.  Seems a super boy. 

Ammo - Stray, Staffie, Male, Estimated 2 or 3 years, Very friendly, loving, will be devoted to a kind owner, desperately wants affection, Big handsome, solid boy, very gentle in the kennel.  Doesn't bother with other dogs,  He is very nice!!

Stray - Staffie, Female, Probably around a year old, Very sweet and affectionate, Unsure and scared until she knows you wont harm her, then your best friend.  Will be a nice pet in a quieter home.


Stray - Rottie, Female, Age estimated about 2 to 3, Will be a nice girl for the right people.

Toby & Jake - Black Labs, Male, Jake is 1 year, Toby is 16 months, Both good with dogs, good with children and live with 2 cats,  Nice pet dogs, would like to home them together if at all possible.

Sam (was a stray) - American Bulldog Type, Male, Unsure about age, Now a very soft dog, Loves affection, Goes up to other dogs kennels with no reaction, Knows sit and gives his paw, Really come out of himself and a nice big solid boy.

Amber (was a stray) - Mastiff type, Female, probably around 3, Was very shy and worried, likely she was abused as very hand shy but a big softie when she trust you,  Now in a foster home with a Labrador, abd she has come out of herself so much, she is learning that people and the world is not all bad, Amber is a lovely gentle nature, Still a bit scared but wants to be friends, will make a gentle giant of a pet.  She is doing very well and going out on walks now, Good with dogs, No aggression but still a bit nervous of new people,  Doing very well.  Needs a quiet home with loving family who will be kind and gentle with her.

Abby (Stray) - Staffie, Female, about 15 months old,  Chipped, Seems OK with dogs in kennels, was given away by original owner, new owner does not want her back,  She is a very sweet and affectionate dog.

CARE are showing this dog to help the current foster mom who has brought her in from abroad.  CARE are not involved in this rehoming, it is direct between you and the owner.

Netty - Cross Breed, Female (Neutered), 18 months, Microchipped, Vaccinated, Good with children and people, House trained, Not good with all dogs therefore needs socialising with strange dogs or to be the only dog, Energetic girl who loves her walks, Probably not good with cats.

Please phone Mandy on 07817 - 931689

CARE are showing this dog to help the current owner who is very distressed at haveing to rehome her dog.  CARE are not involved in this rehoming, it is direct between you and the owner.

Lexi -  Dogue de Bordeaux, Female, 4 years old, She is a very shy, quiet dog despite her size and she loves people, attention and fuss.  She is excellent with children, Vaccinations not up to date, She isn't animal friendly, Will chase cats, Aggressive towards dogs,

Has to be re-homed due to marriage breakdown, she is and will be a fantastic family pet.

Please phone Louise on 01366 - 377856

CARE are showing this dog to help Cambridge RSPCA find a home for him,  if you are interested use the contacts below, do not phone CARE Dog Rescue.

Vinnie - This handsome 4 year old collie cross had sadly been neglected.  He came to us rather thin with a dirty matted coat.   He has scrubbed up well and is putting on weight.     Despite his bad start, he is very loving and friendly although nervous of people he doesn't know.  He has lived with another dog but they didn't always get on.   It might be possible for him to go to a home with another dog but careful introductions would be required as he prefers to be the only dog.   He needs an experienced owner who can work in building up his confidence and a home with no young children.  He has a squint which gives him an odd appearance but has been checked by a vet and doesn't seem to affect his sight.  Vinnie is nervous of people he doesn't know and sudden movements and seems to prefers men.  He is Very smart and trainable - picks up new things quickly.

Please phone the RSPCA Cambridge on 01638 508316 or email putting VINNIE as the subject line.

Bentley - Staffordshire Bull Terrier, Male, approx 4 years old,    I am in good physical condition. I am currently in a foster home, due to having been in a previous home that was unable to meet my doggy needs. ( small flat, and long periods spent in a cage,  before that I lived with another family, but was reared outside and away from the family. I have now been living with Honey and her mummy for the past 3 months, I have responded well to a structured lifestyle with a good amount of exercise, I haven't been in  the cage for 3  months now, and don't want to do that again!!!  I now listen to instructions, but I can be mischievous in a gentle way,  I don't chew or destroy things, but be warned, if u leave a lovely Apple crumble on the kitchen top I may be tempted to eat it ..yummy....which I did!!

I am an extremely loving dog and very loyal to the person who feeds and walks me, unfortunately my current foster home can't keep me long term as due to work commitments (she's a nurse and works, however she has told, I will only be going to a good home who can love me lots, understand my little quirks, and exercise me regularly.

My current mum says best to be honest about my personality so here goes

1. I hate cats, so must be a home with no cats

2. I love other dogs and currently live with another Staffie and we get on well, ( may be just a little at times as I am greedy and want to eat eat eat)....however when I am being walked I really want to play with other dogs, but I am to boisterous and other dogs sometimes find me intimidating. Thus I am best to be walked on the lead.

3. Do not feed me onions as they make me smell bad and are poisonous to dogs!!

4. I can jump high, so you must have a secure garden.

5. I'm also very clever at opening doors, my current mum is helping me with this by keeping front door locked when she leaves or I would just open the door and follow her.

6.I don't dig holes in gardens.

7. I am good with children but I don't think I have ever met a very small baby, so not sure how I would be around them.

8. I am extremely loving and loyal, and over the past 3 months have learnt how to behave in a home, especially not being allowed on the sofa, and have become a joy to lived with!

9. Any new home I do go to, I would like to spend the day there first, so I can see if I like you too.

10. My nickname is Bentley boo..

If you are interested in meeting me please contact my foster mum Jane on 07460946695


If you don't see a dog you like on our web site please click on the link below to view the lost dogs currently with the Animal Warden Services in West Norfolk.  If you are interested in any dogs on this site then please phone Daphne 01493 653955 to discuss. 

For info on any of the dogs ABOVE please phone Daphne on 01493 653955



A big THANK YOU to those of you who have given a good home to rescue dogs in the past. 


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